Best The Ultimate YouTube Live Streaming Tutorial 2019

If you don’t plan to interact with your audience use normal latency it will slightly increase the quality and ensure that there’s no glitches or stutters do not use ultra-low latency I highly recommend against it it’s a little bit unstable at the moment and the difference between low latency and ultra-low latency is negligible don’t use ultra-low latency there’s really no reason to do it whatsoever low latency allows for a five second or less real-time interaction with your audience cool awesome monetization is important especially if you plan on releasing this as a video later and running ads on it so I recommend clicking all the buttons here to enable advertisements later on

If you’re planning on running ads on your content you hit save down here in the bottom right-hand corner and your live stream is going to be locked and loaded and ready to go awesome that’s how you do it all right so we go back to stream now and then all of your information will be saved within stream now and be ready to go the place that you grab your information for you to be able to plug in to split or OBS or stream labs or what-have-you is to go ahead down here at the bottom and you’re gonna select you’re gonna go ahead and grab your server URL down here at Tv3 Malaysia

The bottom and you’re gonna grab your stream key and you’re gonna drop that into your streaming software that’s down here in the bottom it’s that simple my friends and you’re just gonna live stream direct to youtube through stream now and it is going to work perfectly for you as you can see there are shortcut versions of all the information I gave you here but it’s not as detailed that’s why I recommended you go straight to Advanced Settings when you’re doing stream now that is stream now and if you do stream now you can be successful on youtube there is a better way to be successful on youtube and it’s called youtube events the big difference between youtube events and youtube stream now is that you can schedule these ahead of time and you can copy/paste essentially completed events to new events so you don’t have to go through this whole process over and over and over again like I just showed you with stream now so what you’re gonna do