How to Tv3 Malaysia Live Stream with a Video Camera or DSLR

And live stream just from this setup so I want it to be right I want it to be fast I want it to be solid and this is a great mic for that I can move it to all kinds of different locations depending on where I’m sitting or positioned good audio quality super easy to use a solid choice alright the next piece of this kit is this ready cam tabletop tripod now I love this tripod it was actually kind of hard to search around on bh and Amazon to find a solid tripod like this but specifically I wanted this to be able to go behind the computer monitor and so that’s a great tripod maybe you would want to use it for something else it’s a kind of a cool find and that comes in at 30 dollars here in Tv3 Malaysia

The US okay now we’ve got our mic we’ve got our camera we’ve got our tabletop tripod we’ve got continuous power going to the camera and now we need to plug this into our capture card so you need an HDMI cable but here’s a power tip for this particular setup I have these little L brackets and these are actually adapters by Cape from cable matters and these are an of eight bucks for 2-pack but it’s huge because as you can see it keeps the HDMI cable allowing you to still see

The LCD screen which is something I liked I didn’t want to just monitor myself on the actual feed that I could see on my computer I also wanted to be able to see the screen and tap adjustments for the camera and whatnot so that gets the HDMI cable out of the way so that’s a huge power tip if you’re using a camera with the flip screen and you want to use the HDMI ok so then next up we have the HDMI cable and that goes over to our PC and inside the PC is a Blackmagic intensity Pro 4k capture card so yes I’ve actually been HD streaming mostly because I don’t really want to put out 4k but I did want a future-proof my setup